Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Trusting God" Book review

 Where to buy Trusting God

This is an excellent book for any Christian woman or young girl to get and read. The group of ladies did a great job compiling their thoughts and putting wisdom into it from the Word of God. I have been through a lot in the past year and love reading over this book. I  have read and reread it trying to grow closer to Christ and become a better wife, mother and Christian overall.
We all have struggles in our lives and this book helps you work through them by giving you someone else wisdom and what they had to go through. I recommend this book to all my friends to read over. It can be used as individual or a group discussion. It is though provoking and allows you to look at your walk with God and how you can do better overall.
Please go and check this book out for your self. Other's have also gave this book great reviews! It is an exactly way to grow as a Christian. Take it and apply it. You can get a couple of girlfriends together and have your own "Bible Study" by using this book. It has scripture reference along with a story on how things were dealt with.

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